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Smartass Sportswear started out as a bit of a joke in 1999;while working out at the gym the founder of Smartass Sportswear was tired of people trying to talk to him while he was wearing his headphones.  Every time someone came up and tried to talk he would have to turn down the volume on his headphones then turn it back up and continue working out.  It seemed that every time he went to the gym it would happenmore and more; in time his hour and a half workout started turning into a two hour imgp2018-2vsml.jpgworkout. Frustrated he came home one night and made his first T-Shirt "If I Wanted To Talk I Wouldn't Wear Headphones".   The first time he wore it to the gym he had several people say they wish they had that shirt and where they could get one.  Next thing you know he was getting asked more and more to make people (mostly women) that shirt.   Soon to follow were several other slogans designed to poke a little fun at some of the people in the gym: "When She Said Size Matters, She Didn't Mean Your ARMS", "It's Not What You Lift In The Gym, It's How You Look On The Beach".  Then came one of the most popular workout shirts for women "I'm Here To Workout, Not Find A Date"  In the beginning most of the shirts were designed to make fun of people in the gym but soon to follow were shirts not directed towards the gym but towards people in bars and night clubs. Then in 2001 we came up with the idea for our cute little Hot-Shorts or as they are sometimes called Boy-Shorts.  This is when we really started to take off; who would have believed there were so many Smartasses out there! 


What started out as a hobby in a NorCal garage has turned into a business     that has been slowly growing in size and popularity.  Which brings us to   present day Smartass Sportswear; we are still a very small company that does all of our own screen printing in house with manual not automatic presses.  Thus, every item we make is a little different from the next one we make.  So take pride that every item purchased was personally made just for you. 


We are starting off with only a few of our most popular items listed on our Website; we will constantly be adding new items and updating our Website so be sure to check back often. Smartass Sportswear is always (Ok, not always but sometimes) interested in your opinions, suggestions, or comments.  Use the below email to submit your comments directly to the waste basket, we mean our support staff.  Actually, we would love to hear from you; especially suggestions to improve our Website and the styles of clothes you would like added to our line. We would also love you to send us some picture of you wearing our clothing, who knows you may end up on our Website.  You can email us at



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